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User's Guide: Preferences

You can change Threedef Preferences by choosing Music -> Preferences.

Minimize to System Tray:  Check this box to force Threedef into the system tray (lower right corner of screen) when minimized.

Allow Multiple Instances:  Check this box to allow Threedef to open multiple instances (fun and useful for DJs).

Warp Audio on Stop:  Check this box to "wind down" playback on Stop.

Queue Full Album on Track Play:  If this box is checked, Threedef creates an active playlist with a full album when a single track is selected for playback.

Add Audio CDs to Library:  If this box is checked, Threedef automatically adds any audio CDs inserted into any CD drive to the library.

Time Display:  Use this dropdown to specify how Threedef should display elapsed, remaining, and total times.

CD Identification:  Use this dropdown to specify how Threedef should use FreeDB CD identification.

Music Directories:  These are the folders that Threedef currently looks in for the music files that fill its library. Use the "Add" and "Remove" buttons to change them.

Check Library for Updates:  Click this button to request that Threedef check the music directories to see if any files have changed, and if so, refresh the files' metadata.

Audio Format & Quality:  Use these dropdowns to set your favorite CD ripping format and quality, which will be the default selection when ripping audio CDs.

Choose Save Location:  Click this button to set the save location for ripped audio files.

File Types:  Click this button to specify what audio file types should be associated with Threedef in Windows.