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User's Guide: Using the Keyboard

Threedef also provides a very fast way of selecting music using the full PC keyboard. Type the name of an artist, album, or track on the keyboard until it is displayed, then hit [Enter] to hear it.

The following is a list of keyboard shortcuts that can be used to access all of Threedef's functionality:

Play/Pause [Enter]
Stop [Esc]
Skip/Scan Prev Left Arrow Key
Skip/Scan Next Right Arrow Key
Open Selected Item [Tab]
Scroll to Next Match [Page Down]
Scroll to Previous Match [Page Up]
Clear Match [Backspace]
Volume Up Up Arrow Key
Volume Down Down Arrow Key
Playlist Remove / Level Down [-]
Playlist Add / Level Up [+]
Repeat [Ctrl-R]
Shuffle [Ctrl-S]
Now Playing [Ctrl-N]
Menu [Ctrl-U]
Bass [Ctrl-B]
Mid [Ctrl-M]
Treble [Ctrl-T]
Pitch [Ctrl-P]
Tempo [Ctrl-O]
Rate [Ctrl-A]
Balance [Ctrl-L]
Zero All Effects [Ctrl-Z]