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User's Guide: Selecting Music With The Nine Key Pad

To select and play music in your library using Threedef's nine key pad, simply type part of the name of the artist, album, or track you want to hear. Press one key per letter. For example, to match "The Cure", try:

After each key press, Threedef will display the most likely match, with the matched characters underlined.

When Threedef displays what you're looking for, hit to hear it.

If there are multiple matches to the key combination you entered, they can all be accessed by nudging the jog dial on Threedef's lower right edge.

Threedef always finds the type of selection (artist, album, or track) indicated at the right of the display first. In the example given, we found "The Cure" first because when we started, the indicator displayed "ARTIST".

To see matching albums or tracks first, you can press to set this indicator to the desired selection type before using the keypad.

When an artist is displayed, you can press to browse the albums associated with that artist.

When an album is displayed, you can press to browse the tracks on that album.

Use the jog dial to scroll through the albums and tracks that are available. Hit at any time to hear the displayed selection, or to start over.